The project was assigned as a residential house design. The house is situated in a vacant space following the former Legiography printing company in the traditional block of flats in the Prague quarter, Vršovice. The block is located at the foot of a hill below the Grébovka Park, which is a part of Vinohrady quarter. The location of the introduced house is within the block of houses towards Sámova Street. It means it has a north-south orientation, where the north side faces the street and the south side faces the inner yard of the block.

The Sámova Street, where the house is located, is trimmed with elegantly designed rental houses from the first half of the 20th century. In the southern row of houses, the western houses are older, in a historicist style, the eastern houses then modernist, with flat roofs. The designed house is located between them. The opposite northern front consists of one large residential house with a street backyard retreat from the street line consisting of seven recurring houses. The mainly plastered facades of Sámova Street (or alternatively façades with ceramic tiling) with one type / dimension of windows (the grid concept) are minimally revived — at most by an oriel.

The block of houses is divided into an older western part and a younger eastern part. The logic of this division reflects also the territorial plan, in which the older build-up area with densely built-up yards is located in the predominantly residential poly-functional area while the younger area with a free courtyard and full-grown green vegetation is in the mixed used poly-functional  area. The area which is being solved is situated on the edge of the densely built-up older part.

The building site for the house is composed of two plots:  number 1077 and number 1076, on which the original buildings No. 1440/10 and No. 665/12 were originally located.